A Quick Look at Lefkos Pyrgos 2.0

I only visited the original Lefkos Pyrgos location on 31st Street a few times. While the pastries were always good, I found the atmosphere too staid, too serious, and far preferred the bustling, joyful vibe of Artopolis across the way.  

This Saturday, December 12, Lefkos Pyrgos opened the doors of its 2.0 incarnation at the corner of Ditmars and 33rd Street, and I’m happy to report that is is a considerable upgrade. 


The pastries – a mix of Greek specialties and more traditional bakery offerings were still delicious, but the atmosphere was improved exponentially. 

Bright, clean and well designed, with more seating, by Sunday when I stopped in, the locals had already started to throng the place. Predominantly Greek Astorians (conversing in Greek), but other residents and newcomers as well. 


I tried a sampling of the Greek staples, including Kourabiedes (Walnut Sugar Cookies) and Melomakarona (Honey Cookies), all delicious, and a Greek Coffee, all of which I’d enthusiastically recommend. All and all, Lefkos 2.0 looks poised to appeal to a wide audience, sharing a similar vibe to Martha’s Country Bakery down the block. 


Having recently relocated up to Ditmars, I’m excited to have Lefkos nearby as an excellent bakery/coffee option on my block.  It’s probably too early to tell how popular it will be, but after my visit today, I’m highly encouraged that Astoria will welcome them back, new and improved. 


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