Get this Gelato, Astoria 

I’ve walked past European Ice Cream more than a few times without stopping in during the 3 weeks they’ve been open at 25-11 Broadway in Astoria (Crescent is the cross street). One reason is because I just don’t eat much ice cream or gelato, and the other reason is the place just never really caught my eye. 

Maybe it was the heat and humidity, but I dropped in today to be greeted by a truly beautiful display of gelato. 

I asked the woman behind the counter her favorite flavor- there looked to be about 20 to chose from – and she quickly answered the hazelnut. That was good enough endorsement for me, and I was not at all disappointed. Rich, creamy, wonderfully textured, it was easily my favorite gelato that I have had in Astoria. 

With great hours, 10 to 10 most days and 10 to midnight on Saturdays, I truly hope this place gets a foothold in the neighborhood. They serve coffee too, also European style, mostly espresso and macchiato.  Stop by and give them a try, then hit me up on Twitter @tastoriaqueens and let me know what you think!



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