Gossip Coffee gives Astoria Something to talk about

There were two big openings in Astoria today. Burnside Buiscuts – brought to you by the local burger mavens turned chain shop juggernauts on team Bareburger – had a soft opening following a good bit of pre-buzz in the local press. Gossip Coffee, from another well known Astoria business owner, James Paloumbis, took a more intentionally stealth approach to their opening and the result was a whole bunch of (good) surprises. 

Surprise 1: NYC’s Second Rice Pudding Bar!

Aside from Soho’s Rice to Riches, as far as I know, Gossip Coffee houses only the city’s second Rice Pudding Bar. As of opening day, the French Toast and Banana Pudding flavors were the favorites, but there are 8 in total to choose from, including a decadent Oreo flavor. 


Surprise 2: Cold Brew Iced Teas on Tap! 
Cold Brew coffee on tap – which Gossip Coffee has – has become ubiquitous in coffee shops throughout the city, but Gossip kicks it up to the next level with 10 or so cold brewed iced tea offerings, brewed daily and stored at a frosty 32 degrees on tap. I tried the (unsweetened) White Strawberry which was fantastic. I suspect these teas will be a huge hit this hot summer.

Surprise 3: Kickass Design

I had the good fortune to chat with Gossip’s owner James who let me know he intentionally veered from the typical recycled wood and brick NYC 3rd Wave Coffee Shop design to create a beautiful, stylish, retro oasis in Astoria. The space is as functional as it is beautiful too, designed for folks who want to sit and sip or grab and go. 


Surprise 4: Great Outdoor Seating

That a space as pretty as Gossip Coffee also offers a spacious outdoor space is a win-win for 30th Avenue. 

BONUS: Donuts!

My pals over at We Heart Astoria covered Gossip’s opening today, as well as the famous donuts offered there by Chef Scottish Francis. Gotta get my hands on those one day soon – but they were long sold out by the time I made it over there after work. But surely I’ll be back another day soon! 

Give Gossip a try, and let me know what you think over on Twitter @Tastoriaqueens


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