Catch The Fisherman at Sorriso Italian Pork Store

I can’t really trace the roots of my nautical obsession. Maybe it was that my folks took us to Gloucester and Rockport or Cape Cod nearly every summer. At some point in high school I started using “Sailor” as a term of endearment for friends and acquaintances. And when I turned 18, I got a clumsy blue tattoo of an anchor, way before that kind of thing was cool.

On the other hand, it is quite easy to trace the roots of my obsession with The Fisherman at Sorriso Italian Pork Store on 30th Avenue in Astoria. 

Almost since moving to the neighborhood five years ago, I’ve been a regular customer at Sorriso and frequent, vociferous singer of its praises. I stopped in for sandwiches this evening and saw one, The Fisherman, that had somehow managed to evade my notice until tonight. 

As soon as I mentioned it the woman behind the counter perked up (the staff at Sorriso are notoriously kind).  She offered a choice of Shrimp Cakes, Fish Cakes or Crab Cakes. I opted for two huge, crispy homemade Crab Cakes heaped onto an Italian Roll with lettuce, tomato and tartar sauce. 

Massively portioned, and totally perfect in its simplicity and deliciousness, I felt like a kid sitting out on the docks in New England, having lunch with the family I love, and thinking for sure, this is the life. 

Sorriso Italian Pork Store – 44-16 30th Ave, Astoria, NY 


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