Astoria’s Own Outstanding Super Bowl Sweet!

Super Bowl party planning is probably well underway, and if you’re looking for an awesome dessert to serve your guests, or yourself, we’ve got a secret weapon right here in Astoria.


These honey cookies, called Melomakarona, look just like little footballs and they are absolutely delicious too! Made mainly from olive oil, flour and honey and dusted with walnuts, these deceptively simple cookies are a flavor bomb.

The ones pictured above are from one of my all time favorite Astoria bakeries, Yaya’s Bakery on 31st Street near 30th Avenue. I’m also a fan of the Melomakarona at Artopolis in Agora Plaza, and Cafe Boulis on 31st Avenue.

This year, pass on those silly Super Bowl football cupcakes that populate Instagram on the Big Game day, and hit up your local Greek bakery, like Yaya’s instead. Melomakarona are so good they will be like a touchdown plus a two point conversion in the fourth quarter at your party.*

*Oh! The Seahawks did that two weeks ago at home – go Hawks!


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