Here Are Your New Pita Hot Pro Tips, Astoria!

I’ve been a loyal Pita Hot (a/k/a Jerusalem Pita) fan for about six years now, but recently I learned a few new things about an old favorite.

A few weeks back the owner, Khaled Shallah, added a astonishingly good Spicy Hummus to the menu. Khaled took Pita Hot’s classic hummus recipe and added, among other things, habanero pepper and Muhammara, a Syrian spicy red chili paste with walnuts, pomegranate and garlic.


The depth of flavor is incredible, and it has been wildly popular with customers so far. So while it isn’t a daily menu item yet, I’m seeing it more and more frequently on their roster of offerings. If you want to make sure they have it, I’d advise calling ahead. Chances are they will whip some up for you. Or stop in and take your chances. Everything is good there.

Another thing I only recently discovered is that you can order those awesome za’atar chips that are always sitting out for sample to dine in or to go. To think I spent years dipping plain pita into my Pita Hot hummus and Baba ghanoush! Order these crispy chips instead next time. Dip them in the spicy hummus and your tongue might explode from the flavor.


Pita Hot is evidence that you should always keep going back to your old Astoria favorites. Their consistency is reassuring, and you also never know when they will surprise you.

I stopped in tonight and Khaled handed me a beignet, more savory than sweet, and lightly dusted in powdered sugar. “For tonight only, just for tonight… How is it?!” he asked. It was wonderful.

Jerusalem Pita (Pita Hot): 25-15 30th Avenue, Astoria, NY 11102; (718) 932-8282


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