A New Direction for Tastoriaqueens

There has been a proliferation of blogs, news sources, magazines and websites devoted to covering every new opening in Western Queens, and my blog has sometimes been a part of that chorus of voices.

Alas, in that race to cover the novel and new, I personally lost something of what I love about Astoria – which is a lot. Of course I was equally likely to blog about something off topic and obscure or rail against gentrification, but that has led to a great deal of cognitive dissonance on my site.

To remedy this, I was encouraged to write a mission statement for my blog to guide future content. As someone who has worked their whole adult life in the nonprofit world, that made a tremendous amount of sense. So here’s the new mission statement:

I grew up in a food obsessed household in Central New Jersey, and I’m most interested in how food and family and memory are connected. In a departure from my past writing, I’m gonna refocus this blog on those connections. If you’re an Astoria restaurant or shop cooking secret family recipes, if you’re an established neighborhood business trying to survive in the hyper gentrified city, if you are a new business connected to neighborhood history, and if political issues relating to the above surface, I’ll likely be covering it.

Conversely, if a story falls outside of this mission statement, I likely will not be writing about it.

With so many news sources forging ahead with stories about the new, I thought it might be fun to dig deeper into the past, and talk about how that past connects to our present. I will likely lose some dedicated readers with this shift, but hopefully I’ll gain some new ones as well! Regardless, I look forward to talking about a neighborhood and a borough that I truly love with anyone who will listen.



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