Some Thoughts on The Changing City

It all started with 5Pointz, with the news that this iconic structure – my first visual memory of the borough I have come to love – would be whitewashed and eventually erased from our landscape. As someone who writes jovially, lightheartedly about food in Western Queens, I grew concerned about my role in altering, and perhaps even destroying a place I love.

So I challenged myself to spend one year thinking and writing about the changing city, using popular discussions and articles on the topic as touchstones and entry points. What I wrote are thoughts in progress, they are inexpert, half-baked, sometimes contradictory, occasionally funny, sad, flawed, and hopefully, thoughtful. Here’s where I am so far in my thinking about the changing city.

The Changing City

The Art of tilting is not to fall: a few thoughts on the borough of Queens

What we talk about when we talk about 5 Pointz

5Pointz, Public Art, and a chat with Josh Bowen of John Brown Smokehouse

Carrying on the Tradition of Ten-Stop Shopping In Astoria

The Myth of the Trek to Queens: Let’s End Borough Othering

Challenging an Inevitability Narrative of Gentrification in New York City

Who Defines Queens: A Twitter Essay

The New “Mom and Pop” Restaurant and the Usefulness of Nostalgia

A Few Thoughts on Food Writing and the Future of Nostalgia

Flipping the Script: A few thoughts on an Urban Utopia

The Myth of the Resuscitating Restaurant: Rethinking the Relationship between Dining and Place in New York City

The Changing City: We Are All In It Together After All




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