On My Third Year Blogging Anniversary

A personal blog like mine is inevitably filled with a lot of shit. Half-baked ideas that seemed like a good idea at the time. Obligatory posts just because you feel like you should throw some content out into the universe for some reason only your therapist knows. Clumsy writing, adjective abuse, and, in my case, describing every item of food under the sun as simply “delicious.”

In honor of my third blogging anniversary, which WordPress reminded me of today on the train ride to work, I’ve listed 5 blog posts that I’m actually sort of proud of. Maybe so it will be inspiration to keep writing, but mostly because it’s been a joy to talk about food and the city with ya’ll for the past three years.

On that note, I start with a thank you to the writers who inspire me:

A Brief Ode to Queens Food (and the people writing about it)

An everyday way to support the local businesses in our neighborhoods:

Carrying on the Tradition of Ten-Stop Shopping In Astoria

How we talk about the places we love, before and after they are gone:

What we talk about when we talk about 5 Pointz

Decentralizing Manhattan within NYC’s myriad food worlds:

The Myth of the Trek to Queens: Let’s End Borough Othering

My favorite restaurant in Queens – and all of NYC – about to celebrate their 2 year Anniversary. The folks at Papa’s Kitchen have since become my good friends:

Basket Feast and Belting Karaoke at Papa’s Kitchen in Woodside, Queens


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