Happy 12th Astoria Anniversary, King of Falafel and Shawarma

Today, April 18th, is the 12th Astoria Anniversary of famed food cart, the King of Falafel and Shawarma. In their typical warmhearted, generous style – anyone walking down Broadway or past their second cart on 30th Avenue who has been handed a signature oblong falafel can attest to this – they are giving us Astorians a gift.

All day, they will be rolling back their prices to what they were when the cart first opened 12 years ago today. We’re talking chicken and rice platters (my personal favorite) for $4, falafel sandwiches for $2, shawarma and chicken sandwiches for $3 and side orders of falafel, 4 crisp pieces for a mere dollar. The special will be good at both of the King’s Astoria locations, on Broadway and 30th Avenue!

Freddy's Famous Chicken and Rice

Freddy’s Famous Chicken and Rice

Fortuitously, local filmmaker Rayhan Islam hit me up on twitter yesterday to share a video he made about the King of Falafel and Shawarma. This video is part of a larger documentary he’s working on about Freddy Zeideia, his life and his work. It’s beautiful, and today’s the perfect day for sharing the part of the story of how Freddy launched his now famous food cart.

Neighborhood blogging newcomers Give Me Astoria have a recent profile of Freddy as well.

And here’s a sentimental post I wrote last year that basically says, when times get tough, I eat King of Falafel for dinner nearly every night.

I count myself lucky that the original King of Falafel cart sits right at my corner, and I take advantage of that proximity as often as I can. But if you are an Astorian who hasn’t stopped by the cart for a while – or maybe you have never had the chance to get there – today is the day to do it!

Stop by, wish Freddy and the whole King of Falafel crew a Happy Astoria Anniversary, and taste how incredibly lucky we are to have them in the neighborhood.


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