Eat this Now! Ice Cream Sammies at the Original Bareburger in Astoria

We’ve all done our damnedest to slog through this infernal New York winter, and now, as if reward for our perseverance, there are some signs of spring that have recently sprung up at the original Bareburger on 31st Avenue in Astoria. One of those much needed signs comes in the form of ice cream sandwiches, or sammies as they are called on Bareburger’s newly expanded dessert menu.

Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sammie at the Original Bareburger in Astoria

Snickerdoodle Ice Cream Sammie at the Original Bareburger in Astoria

The sammies reflect a collaboration with Coolhaus, an architecturally inspired ice cream company whose growth over the last five years has mirrored Bareburger’s own skyrocketing success. Both Bareburger and Coolhaus started with one location in Astoria and Los Angeles respectively (Coolhaus’ first “location” was a refurbished postal truck they purchased on Craigslist) and have now expanded to multiple states.

This week, on that blissfully and unseasonably warm Tuesday, I got the chance to try out two of the sammies with some friends from the neighborhood, Meg, Katherine and Anne. Bareburger’s most popular sammie, the Snickerdoodle Sammie was up first, with two soft snickerdoodle cookies sandwiching a generous slab of salted caramel ice cream.

We also sampled the Breakfast Sammie, which involves rich, candied bacon ice cream held between two soft-baked chocolate chip cookies. Both of the Sammies we tried came with caramel dipping sauce which I really enjoyed. But a quick note before you dunk: this sauce has the strong and slightly bitter flavor of caramelized sugar (vs. a more artificial “caramel” flavor) which might not be to everyone’s taste.

Bareburger's Slushes will be a hit this spring and summer!

Bareburger’s Slushes will be a hit this spring and summer!

In addition to the sammies, we also enjoyed what will undoubtedly be a summer beverage hit in Astoria, alcoholic and non-alcoholic Slushes. These slushes are by way of another excellent collaboration with Kelvin Natural Slush Co. the 2010 Vendy Award winner for Best Dessert.

Two Kelvin Slushes, Ginger or Citrus, form the base of all the new drinks. We enjoyed the Strawberry Ginger Margarita ($10) with Puro Verde Silver Tequila, Kelvin’s Ginger Slush and fresh strawberry purée, but our favorite was the sweet and tart Strawberry Fields ($9) with Square One Vodka, Kelvin’s Citrus Slush and  strawberry purée.

Even though it has plummeted back into the twenties today, and the windchill is a wretched reminder of this seemingly eternal winter, swing by the original Bareburger and try these sweet, sweet tastes of spring.


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