A little Astoria love note on the occasion of the week of Valentine’s Day

Any one of us who has fallen in love with Astoria likely has a story to tell about it.

My girlfriend moved to Astoria a year before I did, and I’ve said before that she’s the catalyst and inspiration behind my immersion in the neighborhood. What I haven’t said much about is the type of person I can be – and was to a fault – when we met. A stuck in my ways, same bar, same restaurant, same meal at the same restaurant type of person.  An awfully fearful, and utterly lacking in confidence type of person.

Spurred on by her good influence we set about trying every restaurant, bar, deli, bakery, and bodega hot food counter we could find. She encouraged me to start tweeting, and later blogging about the experiences, something that I never would have had the confidence to do in the past. I feel lucky to have this personal blog as a forum for my thoughts, but the truth is that I owe it to another person.

Astoria is a neighborhood that offers tremendous rewards when you try new things and step out of your comfort zone. The fact that my relationship does that too is something I am grateful for every day. It was luck perhaps, but more likely it was two beautiful forces, a neighborhood and a person I love, colliding simultaneously into my heart.


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