New Year’s Astoria Food Resolutions: 2014 Edition

My friend and fellow food obsessed Astorian, Meg Cotner, posed a great question to me on Twitter yesterday: what are a few places you want to try in 2014 in Western Queens, that you haven’t been to before?

While I always have a running list of new places I plan to try in Astoria, as a creature of habit, I know I need to double down on my efforts to visit places I haven’t been to before and write about those experiences. Below are a just few of the places in Astoria I hope to try for the first time in 2014, and I resolve to let this list grow and grow.

I'll always love you Pao de Queijo - but I have to try some new Brazilian places too

I’ll always love you Pao de Queijo – but I have to try some new Brazilian places too

Breaking Brazilian: Most folks know about my obsession with Pao de Queijo, my go-to spot for Brazilian in Astoria based on both their excellent food and their proximity to my front door. With each passing year, it becomes apparent that I have to branch out with my local Brazilian fare, and this year I plan to finally try Astoria institutions Malagueta and Favela Grill, as well as Villa Brazil all of which have been on my list for too long!

Great Greek: Astoria’s great Greek food is know citywide, and like many Astorians, I tend to stick to my already-established favorites, like Gregory’s 26 Corner Taverna. As news and reviews roll in about other establishments, however, I know it’s time to get out there and try some new Greek spots. Topping the list are E-Taverna, which received a recent rave from Serious Eats, Loukoumi Taverna which was visited by the dining club the Gastronauts, as well as Kopiaste Taverna, which comes highly recommended by City Spoonful’s Anne Noyes Saini.

Eating Egyptian: While I am a long time fan of arguably Astoria’s two most famous Egyptian Restaurants, Mombar and Kabab Cafe, this year I plan to finally visit El Omda on 28th Avenue. If critic Robert Sietsema’s experience this year is any indication, it’s going to be an outstanding meal.

Finding French: Is this the year I become the last person in Astoria to make it to Cafe Triskell? I certainly hope so. And with the departure of L’Artiste, I hope to also find my French fix at Francis Cafe on Ditmars.

Not to Mention: I’m also aiming to eat some Ecuadorian fare at Delicias Manabitas on 35th Avenue. And resolutions to slim down be damned, I plan to eat everything at M. Wells Steakhouse.

Let me know what new places you hope to hit up in the year ahead, Astoria, and a happy, healthy, hearty-eating New Year to you all.


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