A Quick Drink: Sesame Milk Tea at Tapioca Story in Astoria

Spring arrived in Astoria this week, and with it my slightly obsessive, sweet-tooth driven addiction to Boba (or Bubble) Milk Tea. While I used to satiate my Milk Tea cravings in Manhattan Chinatown, Elmhurst or Flushing, all that changed when Tapioca Story opened on 30th Avenue late last June. In a neighborhood with a surprising dearth of Milk Tea, here, finally, was a great place to obtain one in Astoria.

Sesame Boba Milk Tea at Tapioca Story

Sesame Boba Milk Tea at Tapioca Story

Tapioca Story’s menu features about 13 different types of Milk Tea, all served with or without tapioca depending on your preference. Personally I can’t pass up the little chewy tapioca pearls which provide the signature texture to the whole Boba Milk Tea experience. You can’t go wrong ordering the classic Black Milk Tea at Tapioca Story, but I typically go for their strong, sweet Coffee Black Milk Tea which gives you an extra caffeine kick, or my absolute favorite, the Sesame Milk Tea with Tapioca. The sesame powder adds a rich, creamy, nutty flavor to the Milk Tea and a slight grainy texture that, paired with the Tapioca, gives the drink some serious substance. Served iced, this is an excellent on-the-go substitute for ice cream or an after dinner dessert on a warm evening.

Steamed Chicken and Pork Buns for $1

Steamed Chicken and Pork Buns for $1

If you’re up on 30th Avenue and too tired to hoof it over to Family Market on Broadway, Tapioca Story also carries a small selection of packaged savory snacks and sweets including the always popular Japanese treat, Pocky. Even better, Tapioca typically has a bamboo steamer basket filled with Pork Buns and Chicken Buns, which are also hard to come by in Astoria. My favorite are the Chicken Buns, and for $1 there’s no going wrong in picking up one or two of them for a snack. Along with Boba Milk Tea, Tapioca Story carries a nice selection of Fruit Teas, Smoothies and Slushes, all available to help Astorians usher in Spring.

Tapioca Story – 27-22 30th Avenue, Astoria, NY


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