Small Business Season in Queens

Yesterday I was heartened by the outpouring of support in Astoria and in Queens at large for Small Business Saturday, a day created and implemented by a very large business, American Express. Following the devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy on so many in our borough, patronizing local establishments takes on extra importance this year as we look for ways to support our friends and neighbors and strengthen the civic ties that bind us in both the best and worst of times.

In our borough, we are incredibly lucky to have so many shops, restaurants, bakeries, delis, and on and on, that are one of a kind and locally owned.  So I’d like to propose that we make December Small Business Season in Queens. Let’s join together and promote small businesses online and by word of mouth all month long. Let’s support one another, strengthen our communities, and celebrate and share what our Queens neighborhoods have to offer.

On Twitter, [hashtag] SmallBusinessSeason

Haiku & photography by Astoria Haiku (@AstoriaHaiku), published by We Heart Astoria (@weheartastoria)


2 thoughts on “Small Business Season in Queens

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