My New Year Food Resolutions

For the last two years, I have had the great privilege of seeking out and experiencing so many diverse types of meals and snacks in Astoria.  However, there are still some places in the neighborhood that I have not yet visited.  This New Year’s Eve, I would like to make a public resolution to expand my food and drink horizons even further in a neighborhood where doing so is always rewarding.

How did I miss this?

Topping my list of new places  to visit in 2012 are Steinway Street’s critically acclaimed Egyptian restaurants, Mombar  and Kabab Café and beloved Brazilian restaurant Malagueta. These are destination restaurants for many New Yorkers, and yet I have somehow managed to miss them in my own backyard. Rest assured, this wrong will be righted in 2012.Dive right in.
Those who know me well or follow my adventures on Twitter know that next to food, my greatest obsession is beer. In the year ahead, I would like to expand my imbibing horizons to those neighborhood watering holes that are sometimes–and in my mind affectionately–known as “dives.” Tops on this list are McCaffrey & Burke Bar & Grill in the shadow of Astoria’s 30th Avenue station stop, Cronin & Phelan’s on Broadway, and Veronica’s Bar on 36th Avenue.

In with the new.
While an air of excitement usually surrounds the opening of new restaurants in Astoria, I am generally slow to check these places out. This is largely born of my aversion to crowded restaurants and my reticence at accepting change, however the new year seems a good time to challenge myself in this area. Leading the list of new(er) places that I hope to check out in 2012 are Astoria’s new artisanal meat store and barbecue restaurant, Butcher Bar and Astoria’s underground tip of the hat to everything old being new again, the The Astor Room.

The year I finally learn how to cook?
It’s no secret that I do 99% of my food shopping in Astoria, both to support the local economy and because the foodstuffs in our neighborhood are of the highest quality. That said, my skills in the kitchen leave a great deal to be desired. There are a couple of places I have not yet been in town, particularly Muncan Foods on Broadway with its 15 different types of bacon, which make me want to be a better chef and a better person.

There are even more places in Astoria that I hope to visit for the first time, and I hope you will send me recommendations as well as let me know some of the places you resolve to finally visit in 2012!

Happy New Year, Astoria. Wishing you a safe, lovely, happy, healthy, exciting and adventurous year.


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