The Bridge

The Triborough Bridge opened to traffic on July 11, 1936. Tri-Boro Beverage also opened in 1936, with a name to match the expansive new bridge connecting Queens to Manhattan and the Bronx.  A family business for four generations with deep roots in the past, for decades they have sold beer, soda and ice at wholesale prices and have delivered it all over the city.

A few months ago, however, Tri-Boro Beverage added a new dimension to their business, a small retail beer store with a truly  impressive selection of craft beers sold at reasonable rates.  The new store has a large walk in refrigerator if you want an already frosty brew, and tall shelves lined with craft beers stored at room temperature. It’s the type of shop that inspires you to try something new every time because you know that when you return, you will make another great find.

While the new beer store leverages the popularity of and enthusiasm for craft beers, Tri-Boro’s decades old wholesale and delivery business continues to go strong. If you want to go home with a growler from one of Tri-Boro’s four taps (including, at the moment, Dogfish Head’s delicious Punkin Ale), you’ll have to walk outside to the old, well-worn loading dock and place your order.  In a neighborhood that is changing—in a city filled with neighborhoods that are changing—Tri-Boro Beverage is a wonderful reminder that change is at its best when it happens in close relationship to the rich context of the history of a place. The old and the new together, bridging space and time.

Tri-Boro Beverage: 41-08 Astoria Blvd, Astoria, NY 11103


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